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How many people call Freedom Plaza home?

Currently we have over 500 residents on our campus with over 300 who reside at Freedom Plaza independent living.

Can I keep my car?

Yes! If you own a vehicle and have a valid drivers license and insurance, we will issue you an uncovered parking space at no additional cost.

We also offer covered parking and golf cart parking - as well as complimentary valet service.

Can my grandkids stay overnight?

Yes! You can enjoy time with your friends and family and have them overnight as well.

We do have some common-sense rules about visitors and children that vary for different areas of campus to be sure that we maintain a safe and respectful environment for all of our residents.

Are my pets welcome?

Yes! Pets are allowed within residences and certain areas of Freedom Plaza.

We have sensible policies and restrictions on pets that help ensure a safe, clean and peaceful environment for all residents.

How are repairs handled?

We provide normal maintenance and repairs for the unit as well as the mechanical systems and components such as plumbing, HVAC and kitchen appliances at no additional charge. 

Is alcohol allowed at Freedom Plaza?

Alcohol is available in our dining rooms, at happy hour in our lounge, and certainly in your home. Remember—Freedom Plaza is your home.

May I smoke at Freedom Plaza?

Freedom Plaza is a non-smoking community and as such smoking is not allowed in common areas as well as in residential units. There are designated smoking areas on campus.

What happens if I need different levels of care?

When your needs change, you can move between our levels of care.  Knee surgery and need extra help?  Move from independent living to assisted living or skilled nursing, and move back to your apartment when you are ready.  And get your physical therapy right here at Freedom Plaza.  

Privacy is important to me. How is privacy respected?

Your independence and privacy are important to us too. At Freedom Plaza, you make your own decisions about how you live. Activities are always available, so you can join in when you want, and you can enjoy the privacy of your own home when you want. The choice is yours.

What if I move in and decide that Freedom Plaza isn't for me?

The residential agreements have flexibility built-in to accommodate you in the event you decide to make a change within a reasonable period of time. While we would hate to lose you, it's your decision. Ask for more details and review the residency agreement to learn more.