Freedom Plaza News

Back by Popular Demand: Clothes to You Returns to Freedom Plaza!

We’re big believers in a little retail therapy, especially when it’s fun and affordable.

The Sounds & Songs of Neil Diamond Featuring Resident Lew Goldring

Resident Lew Goldring brought the sound and songs of Neil Diamond to Freedom Plaza!

CAFÉ Flutes Gives Fascinating Flutes Lecture & Demonstration

The Central Arizona Flute Ensemble (CAFÉ Flutes) presented an interactive and educational demonstration on the flute family and global flute culture.

Unlock Your Craftsmanship in Our Woodworking Shop

Our Woodworking Shop is loaded with tools and equipment to help make your project go smoothly and look great.

Residents Test Their Musical Knowledge with DJ Bingo

Gone are the days of traditional bingo: no rolling balls, no lengthy cards, no free spaces, and no snoozing!

Jewish Education with Chana Lew | Tambourines of Redemption: The Women’s Role in the Exodus

During “Tambourines of Redemption: The Women’s Role in the Exodus,” we discussed the concept of freedom, both past and present.

What’s better than DJ Trivia? DJ Trivia with Root Beer Floats!

What’s better than DJ Trivia? DJ Trivia with Root Beer Floats! 🎧🍦🥤

The Welcome Table: Get Acquainted with Freedom Plaza Arizona!

Forget the Welcome Wagon; here at Freedom Plaza, we gather around The Welcome Table!

Can My Grandkids Stay Overnight?

At Freedom Plaza, you can enjoy time with your friends and family and have them overnight as well.

Are You Up for a Par-Tee?

Our residents join Dane weekly on the Putting Green for a tee time, practice, and lots of laughs! It’s quite the par-tee!

Join Us at Freedom Plaza for the Retirement of a Lifetime

Are you a senior citizen looking for ways to stay active and engaged? Look no further than Freedom Plaza!

FAQ: Are My Pets Allowed?

Freedom Plaza is thrilled to welcome all residents and their furry friends to our property.