Freedom Plaza News

New & Notable Programs: Freedom Plaza Singers

Get ready to experience a whole new level of joy with one of our newest programs – Freedom Plaza Singers!

Congresswoman, Debbie Lesko, Visits Freedom Plaza Arizona

We are excited to announce that Congresswoman Debbie Lesko visited Freedom Plaza Arizona!

4th of July Concert | “An American Tribute” with Richard Palalay

Freedom Plaza celebrates Independence Day with “An American Tribute” 4th of July concert.

Freedom Plaza Welcomes the Desert Aires Barbershop Chorus

Freedom Plaza welcomes the Desert Aires Barbershop Chorus to delight us with beautiful four-part close harmony acapella singing!

Marlene H Shares Kind Review for Freedom Plaza Care Center

Thank you, Marlene, for the kind review. Our team takes pride in providing personalized and effective care to all of our patients.

Start Your Morning off Right With a Coffee House Social!

Our Coffee House Social is the perfect combination of the two!

How Puzzles Help Boost Cognitive Health for Seniors

Puzzling isn’t just a hobby—it’s a fantastic way for seniors to boost their cognitive health and overall well-being.

Freedom Plaza Residents Explore the Beautiful White Tank Mountains

We laced up our hiking boots and explored the beautiful White Tank Mountains.

Lorena Graces The Inn Assisted Living With Another Lunchtime Serenade

Every week, Lorena graces us with her musical talent and infectious energy, filling the space with beautiful music and positive vibes.

The entire staff ensured that I was safe and kept my spirits high which kept me in high hopes during my recovery. I cannot imagine having went to any other facility, in fact when my shoulder surgery is done and delt with I plan to return here to finish my rehab.

Cheryl C. Praises Freedom Plaza Care Center Team

We are thrilled that our team provided you with excellent care and helped keep your spirits high during your recovery.

Looking for Something Fun to Do? Join us for Movie Night in the Windsor Room!

Looking for an entertaining way to spend your evenings? Look no further!

Nicole Pesce Dazzles Residents with Exceptional Talents

We had an unforgettable night at Freedom Plaza as Nicole Pesce took the stage and dazzled residents with her exceptional musical talents!

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