What is it and Why Should I Consider This for my Future?

Tax Benefits?


90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Entry Fee is 100% Refundable within 90 Days

Life is unpredictable. Change is part of it.

Freedom Plaza is a Lifecare Community, which means that our residents have a safety net of services available as needs change. Residents can add services, move between levels of care, and enjoy the peace of mind that a Lifecare Community provides. Loved ones, whether family or friends, are always welcome.

When your needs change, due to injury, illness, or even the normal, healthy aging process, Freedom Plaza’s comprehensive services are here to make your life as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. You stay in your familiar environment. Friends are close by. So is the staff you have grown to trust.

  • Life Plan Communities charge a one-time investment in exchange for long-term accommodations and health-related services.
  • You will receive our Life Care Guarantee that we will not end  your residency contract if your financial resources are exhausted through no fault of your own.
  • Your expenses are predictable and manageable, regardless of the changes that are part of life.
  • Many Freedom Plaza residents use a portion of the proceeds from the sale of their home to pay the entry fee. Current IRS rules allow portions of your entry fee and monthly fee to be deductible on your federal income taxes for prepayment of medical expenses. We urge you to consult with your tax advisor to learn more.
  • Many of us want to share our wealth with our family or charities that are close to our hearts. Our financial programs offer flexible options to allow you to preserve as much of your capital as you wish, which you can then pass on to your estate.

Purchase Plans

We offer the option to select from four financial plans to fit your budget and financial goals. The Preservation Plan and Patriot Plans provide significantly discounted rates in future healthcare settings. Both Patriot plans offer refund options, your choice of 50% or 75%. Our Choice Plan is for those who prefer to personally invest their assets or who have Long Term Care Insurance. Regardless of the plan you select to join Freedom Plaza, all options can save you money, protect and preserve your assets, which most other senior communities simply cannot do.


These Type-A (as defined by the Arizona Department of Insurance) plans provide a number of significant benefits:

  • Your one-time Entry Fee pays for deeply discounted rates on all of our healthcare settings,typically 40% less than the rates for non-Freedom Plaza residents.
  • Care for Life Guarantee which is our guarantee that you will always have a home at Freedom Plaza, even if your assets are exhausted through no fault of your own.
  • The deeply discounted healthcare rates and Care for Life Guarantee cover you for your entire lifetime.
  • Priority access to all our healthcare settings over non-Freedom Plaza residents.
  • Substantial tax deductions offered on Entry Fee and Monthly Service Fee. (Consult your tax advisor regarding the deduction).
  • Ninety day satisfaction guarantee with 100% refund
  • 3 Refund Options: Prorated, full 50%, full 75%
  • Predictability and cap on annual increases

*This plan/guarantee is subject to the terms and conditions of the Residency Contract.  See Residency Contract for further details.


This Type-B (as defined by the Arizona Department of Insurance) plan is well suited for those who have Long Term Care Insurance and provides these benefits:

  • Discounted Entry Fee as compared to other Purchase Plans
  • Your one-time entry fee provides $20 per day discount in our Assisted Living and Memory Care settings and $30 per day discount in our Skilled Nursing Center
  • Priority access to all our healthcare settings over non-Freedom Plaza residents
  • Ninety day satisfaction guarantee with 100% refund
  • Prorated Refund
  • Predictability and cap on annual increases 
The Residency Agreements for all Plans provide detailed information about the benefits, terms and exclusions.